Prom ‘18

As creative director at Stink Studios, I developed a campaign for Instagram to offer teens low-barrier ways to use stories to share their casual, behind-the-scenes Prom moments of 2018. The goal was to Inspire teens and young adults to express themselves using easy and interactive ‘Stories’ generation tools while equally highlighting a diversity of relationships across race, LGBTQ and straight guy to girl and girl to guy in an effort to showcase Instagram’s brand values. (ʘ‿ʘ)╯

x Spotify

I additionally developed a co-marketing campaign that promoted the new Spotify integration on Instagram Stories, inspiring teens to express themselves anytime and everyday through music while also amplifying and educating the public on this new feature on stories.

The creative approach was to prompt narratives out of song titles, shared through Stories, inviting users to create their own messages with their favorite Spotify tracks, supporting the age old adage that sometimes a song is worth a thousand pictures. ᕕ(⌐■_■)ᕗ ♫♬