For Stink Labs, every two weeks we invite members of the studio to host an afternoon session by picking a theme and format of their choice (presentation, workshop, guest speaker, etc). The open brief allows voices not dictated by leadership to enter the fray of the creative process in a fun and expressive platform that equals the playing field for all.

The core idea is to nurture and amplify voices that are within the studio, gain insights from people, regardless of their seniority, their own process, their favorite topics and have a chance to connect IRL with a variety of perspectives. We level set that inspiration comes from every age bracket and any individual given the space to share their own experiences.

SS Labs is an initiative to get to know our collaborators better by gaining intimacy and thus access to their favorite topics, obsessions & secret superpowers. The overall benefits organizationally are:

— To Learn - It’s a learning environment and a chance to connect IRL with all our studio disciplines

— To Inspire - It’s a platform to grow your personal brand at Stink and amplify a voice that inspires the studio

— To Grow - It’s an opportunity to develop and represent your personal POV internally and externally

Take your pleasure seriously. — Charles Eames