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Love Notes is an experience we built with Spotify that lets you send a romantic note as an acrostic playlist for that special someone to make Valentine’s Day a little more musical.

Users select an appropriate heat level, ranging from intimate (Just the Way You Are) to steamy (Bump n’ Grind), then choose up to three genres and type out a message for a loved one. Love Notes will craft a playlist perfectly suited to the sender’s selected genres and heat level where each song’s title starts with one of the letters from the message.

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During the exploration phase I started developing moodboards that would convey the feelings of our different heat levels

from sweet & fluffy…

…to concealed erotica

I also explored different illustration and photographic styles while playing with waveforms as a metaphor for emotional waves and the intensity of feelings.

After several explorations and color combinations, we landed on a smooth progression of waves and colors that were later exported from Illustrator and converted from SVG vector points into bezier curves for HTML canvas rendering. This workflow allowed a great amount of control, with the rendered curves matching the design as much as possible. We added a WebGL shader to handle the continual motion when a user rests on a static page or changes heat levels.



Art Direction, Design