Brickell City Centre

Webby — 2017 Honoree in the Real Estate Category

Brickell City Centre is Miami’s premier retail destination, offering the largest collection of design boutiques and luxury brands.

BCC is transforming the heart of downtown Miami.

An achievement in innovation and artistry, the mixed-use space is comprised of two residential towers, two mid-rise office buildings and the EAST, Miami Hotel above a supercharged fashion and culinary experience. We worked with Swire Properties and their branding agency Ming to build the online presence for Brickell City Centre.

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The challenge, introducing BCC to millions of visitors, and provide them with an experience that’s inventive, clever, and as premium as the physical spaces.

We quickly established who those potential visitors we’re going to be and traced their user journeys.


We mapped out their needs during their visit and pre-visit phase.


As we began to establish the visual language we where very clear around these 3 key points: Create seamless visual beauty. Provide simple yet elegant utility. Curate cultural inspiration.


We introduced a serif typeface to convey style and establish the brand as fashion-forward.

White space, punctuated by elegant initial capitals



Minimal and simple 
UI elements


An editorial approach to highlight key retailers


High fashion lifestyle imagery to elevate the editorial itineraries


Curated content from celebrities and social influencers



Swire Properties

Digital Art Direction