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Brickell City Centre, Miami’s premier retail destination, offering the largest collection of design boutiques and luxury brands. I worked with Swire Properties and their branding agency MING to design the digital presence for Brickell City Centre at Stinkdigital.

The goal was to marry the world class designer building’s aesthetics with the functional essentials of editorial and directory based site experiences. I designed and led the development of its website with a beautiful editorial fashion aesthetic built on a highly customizable framework. (ಠ‿↼) 


The challenge was to unveil BCC to millions of visitors, and provide them with an experience that’s inventive, clever, and as premium as the physical spaces. We quickly established who those potential visitors we’re going to be and traced their user journeys, we mapped out their needs during their visit and pre-visit phase.

Design Direction

The visual language’s three pillars were to 1) Create seamless visual beauty, 2) Provide simple yet elegant utility, and 3) Curate cultural inspiration.

I introduced a serif typeface and white space, punctuated by elegant initial capitals to convey a fashion forward style to establish the brand’s overarching voice. Minimal and simple UI elements were deployed to highlight the family of key retailers.

High fashion lifestyle imagery was central in elevating the editorial itineraries that featured curated content from celebrities and social influencers. The site featured original photography produced by Brickell’s branding partner MING.

The itinerary mixer leverages anonymous analytics data and user-selections to generate an editorialized, custom list of suggested interests and activities. At any point during the selection process, the user has the option to choose Surprise Me which takes the selections they’ve already made and randomizes any further choices. Results are generated based on anonymous Google Analytics data (gender, etc) and the user’s selections.

Interactive Map
Finally, an interactive 3d map of the multiplex offered an intimate view of the amenities, businesses that Brickell had to offer, as well as provided a clean wayfinding tool for visitors.