Hi, I am Gaby. A New York based creative director, visual artist, fashion history lover, art enthusiast and gif connoisseur.

I grew up in Guatemala City and in the last 10 years, I’ve lived & worked in Madrid, Melbourne, Milan and New York where I’ve directed and done hands-on work along with some of the world’s top agencies, creatives and artists on a rich diversity of projects both big and small for brands in industries as distinct as beauty, technology, fashion, telecom, insurance, spirits, automotive, entertainment, travel and music.

My approach and diverse skill set can best be described as cross-disciplinary adding developer and interaction to visual designer. As a technologist 
I focus on how it works, as an artists I focus on the what ifs. The stuff I’m really good at includes: creative leadership, concept creation, art direction, visual strategy, brand identity and ideation.

From conceptualizing and prototyping digital products to curating brand experiences. From art directing photoshoots to social media content, I am all about approaching problems from the user and consumer point of view and crafting solutions that marry brand value, experience design and technology.


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+1 347 591 8402