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With an interdisciplinary fusion of art, technology and design methodologies, Gaby Re brings with her a multitude of disciplines and skill sets to any project she engages on, as she has resolved that wearing no single hat, feathered heel, or iridescent parka serves creativity best.

Guatemalan-born, now based in New York City, by way of positions at interactive and creative design studios in Madrid, Melbourne, and Milan, the result thus far of Gaby’s wide range of home bases has left an indelible global influence across her creative praxis and personal ethos. This far-reaching cultural scope informs her interdisciplinary practice. This is distilled in a future forward design approach, limitless empathy in thought leadership, and perpetual research/self education.

Currently leading digital creative at Away, Gaby has integrated her passion for travel and collaborative design process into the daily culture and work of the team in SoHo, NY. Prior to Away, Gaby was at Stink Studios, there her deep knowledge of digital culture, graphic design, fashion, and technology drove her to partner with and innovate for clients including Nike, Spotify, Philips, Instagram, and A24.

Prior to Stink, Gaby was at the global design firm frog, where she led creative ideation within teams and designed visual systems for prestigious clients in arenas ranging from fintech, beauty, and retail. Her awareness of key cultural trends allowed her to anchor her work within a wider context of rigorous design research and human factors, while pushing the client’s communications into new territories of language and systems.

Through her creative platform, Office Politics, Gaby is currently exploring the broader impact of globalized corporate culture and its influence on technology, commerce, aesthetics and linguistic vernaculars. Simply put: cool merch. Through the offerings of bespoke apparel and conceptual products thematically encapsulated each season, Gaby is exploring her personal positions on today and tomorrow’s individual toolkits of self expression.

Gaby’s output has been recognized by Cannes Lions, the Webby Awards, Clios, the One Show, D&AD, the Lovie Awards, and the FWA. As of now.