Y2K Visual Culture: An Anthology

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This study is a encyclopedic effort to categorize and better understand the gloriously manic visual culture of Y2K aesthetics and the socio-political forces that converged to bring us universes such as The Matrix, iridescent clothing, silver eyeshadow, inflatable furniture, blobjects + blobitecture, cyberbabes, minidisks, Winamp skins, Baby G watches, Oakleys, Eiffel 65 and the iMac G3.

Much derided upon its waning from visual culture, these aesthetic tropes are making a full force come back. This compendium is one part resource manual for designers wishing to understand the histories and remarkable original contributions that makers are now referring to and pulling from as much as a creative exercise within its own right. A passionate defense, a whimsical celebration - Y2K is once again back in the limelight.